The Trees make the Environment

Quite literally, trees are not only in the environment, they actually produce the oxygen we need to survive.  You would think that in this day and age I wouldn’t need to reiterate what most people seem to know.  Yet there are those who are so cavalier in their attitude towards these silent sentinels, that I feel compelled to remind everyone that when the trees are cut down, we are the ones losing out.

We lose out on the refreshing cool of the shade in the hot summertime.  We lose out on the irregular shapes of branches that break up the regular monotony of building forms.  Ask yourself where you would rather live when comparing the following pictures:

scanlrttreesj_07_20_2018_08_25_50_819The second image is a picture of the Waterloo LRT modified on the right-hand side to portray the proposed Hamilton design, East-West through King St. at Wellington.

Not only do the trees give us oxygen, they do so in a process that actually removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and they do it without any energy input from us.  They are truly solar powered…and they’re not unionized!  They don’t ask a lot of us, and they give so much.

Last year at the Environmental Assessment Review for the Hamilton LRT, I presented an alternate North-South route that makes very much more sense environmentally including sparing the trees slated for destruction, over 600 of them I’m led to understand.  Was not the Light Rapid Transit pitched as an environmentally friendly plan?  Well the proposed East-West route is hardly that.