Stop the Madness!

Traffic Chaos with proposed East-West LRT plan

1. Have you noticed that when there is trouble on the Toronto-bound side of the Skyway Bridge that there is tremendous traffic congestion within the lower city?  Of course it is a result of forcing a higher volume of traffic through a fixed number of traffic lanes.

2. Another way to cause this kind of congestion is to reduce the number of traffic lanes with a fixed volume of traffic.  Just think of any traffic jams that you’ve been in through a construction zone, or when there are lane closures as depicted above, because of the lane closures (2 of 5) shown below.

traffic 2 lanes closed

3. Hamilton City Council and Metrolinx is proposing to build a railway down the middle of King St. (Main St. east of the Delta) with one lane of traffic westbound on the one side of it and one lane eastbound on the other.  You can’t drive on the rails, you can’t cross it other than at major intersections, and forget about parking.  Let me repeat what it is that is going to be built:  A railway down the middle of King St. that you can’t cross, with only one lane for vehicles eastbound and one for those westbound.

See paragraph 2 again.  Now Metrolinx and our city officials have studied the traffic patterns and assure the council that any traffic redirected from the reduction in capacity along the proposed LRT corridor, will be adequately serviced by Cannon St and other roads.  See paragraph 1.

I would hate to think that council was being lied to, but I have heard the intent of LRT is to “get people out of their cars”.  Perhaps people will get out of their cars, abandoning them in the street, because it will be faster to walk to their destinations than to get through Hamilton by car.  Of course it will add a considerable time to their commute if they happen to work in Burlington or Ancaster or Dundas, in which case unfortunately, the proposed LRT does not help.

traffic queen
traffic on Bay Street when King Street was blocked