The North-South LRT Alternative


The North-South LRT Alternative introduction:

Hamilton’s Light Rail Transit system should run North-South, from the GO Station to the Airport, instead of the proposed East-West route.  The current plan will effectively turn King St. into a sidestreet with a railway running down the middle of it, with all traffic unable to cross, but at major intersections.  The chaos that this will bring to downtown Hamilton’s traffic will be scandalous, not to mention the clear cutting of 600+ trees.  Alas, by the time the digging starts it will be too late, short of a full scale revolution.

So instead of a pitchfork, lift up your pencils during the upcoming municipal election and mark an X by my name, and by doing so, tell all in city hall what you think of the current LRT gridlock-inducing plan.  Vote for an LRT that truly has a purpose and a plan to link the two transportation hubs with a future: the GO train station on James North and the Hamilton Airport (John C. Munro).


“Whom shall I vote for mayor of Hamilton on election day October  22nd, 2018?”  I hear you ask.  Vote for Henry C. Geissler, a vote for change – bring common sense back to city hall.

Come back later and I will continue to tune this site, providing more information on the alternative to what you see in the picture at the top!