Aliens set to invade; they’re already here!

It is clear to me now that the City Council/Metrolinx B-Line is a demographic driver for changing the people along the route and nothing less.  They know that the person who takes his car to Burlington to work, or his truck to Ancaster to pick up some drywall, is not going to use the B-Line to get his job done, it won’t help.  No, that guy is going to become so frustrated with the slow traffic, he’s going to move, or die of an aneurism because what took him 15-20 minutes in the past is now going to take more than an hour, everyday, both ways.  Enter the person from Toronto who thinks nothing of buying a shack for $500,000.  He’s used to terrible traffic, and plans his life according to that reality.  That’s all fine and good for him, but why in God’s name would any Hamiltonian vote for that?  It is a completely artificial crisis the evil geniuses from Metrolinx have foisted upon us and hypnotized those who are supposed to represent us into believing.  They are either evil or stupid, and I don’t think that they’re stupid; they are on the cusp of seizing control of downtown Hamilton.

Proponents of the plan use the narrative that we need the tax base to be increased to afford future infrastructure costs.  A fine argument, but we don’t need to sacrifice a functioning traffic grid, and hundreds of trees, in order to increase the population density and increase the tax base.  A North-South LRT routed along Wellington St, Victoria Ave, the Claremont access and Upper James will allow for trains, traffic, and trees, and all the benefits of higher density housing along those corridors, without the traffic congestion that the B-Line would cause.  Neither do we need Metrolinx to usurp HSR’s role.  A responsible voter must examine this NSLRT and ask the question “Is it a better plan than that of Vito Sgro?”  He is going to spend the money piecemeal, and miss a golden opportunity.  Check out the rest of this website, navigate the different pages by clicking on the blue words at the top of the page, especially “GO to the Airport”.  Which plan addresses energy efficiency and emissions?  Which encourages GO Train commuting?  Which maximizes the potential of our city’s resources?  Which builds environmentally superior infrastructure that will benefit generations?

The gentrification of Hamilton’s downtown has already begun.  There is no need to accelerate the turnover of the lower city to the fancy-pants from Hogtown.  You can’t stop them from buying up the bargains we offer, but why force out the old guard with a B-Line plan for traffic chaos?  Mark my words, if Eisenberger gets his LRT, there will be a mass exodus of people complaining, “We didn’t know it was going to be like this!”, and the invasion will be complete.  Resist selling out our city to speculators and bullies.  Don’t fall for the fear tactics that call for acceptance of a bad idea over no idea in order to get the money.  Be strong and recognize a plan with vision.  With feet firmly planted in reality, and an eye to the future, we can instead build a logical rail link from the train station to the airport, offering all Hamiltonians a public way, intra-city, inter-city and internationally.  Don’t give up without a fight.

Vote Henry Geissler for mayor.


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