Another “Usual Suspect”

Keanin Loomis joins Ryan McGreal’s influence peddling

Keanin Loomis is in today’s Hamilton Spectator again.  His being referenced as the president and CEO of The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce brings the total of articles and announcements to four since October 10th.  Combined with Ryan McGreal, who also had four articles and references, I’d say that journalism at the Spectator is suffering a lack of breadth and depth in opinion.

Paul Berton has the gall to congratulate himself and his newspaper in today’s edition.  As Editor-in-Chief, he is ultimately responsible for the shamefully narrow focus and framing of the election coverage.  I would not have believed it, had I not lived it as a candidate for mayor myself, that has been ignored and silenced by his filthy rag.  Yesterday’s token coverage of four “other” candidates was hollow and cynical.  He might never face justice for his crimes of political manipulation and censorship, but God knows he will pay the price.  In the meantime the citizens of Hamilton will pay the price, led by the oligarchs to believe that the “only two candidates with a real shot of reaching voters city-wide” (front page, Oct. 20) were Eisenberger and Sgro with their corrupt and vacuous platforms.

Don’t let them win!  Just because the powers that be say it is so, doesn’t make it so.  Vote for the candidate with the best platform.  Examine what each candidate has to offer and vote based on that.  I hope that when you do study each candidate’s plan, you will see that my plan, to redirect the LRT from a traffic-snarling, tree-cutting Metrolinx disaster, to a NORTH-SOUTH LRT joining the lower to the upper city, from the West Harbour GO Train station to the Hamilton Airport will transform the city into a winner with the greenest public transportation around:  A place for all citizens to thrive, not just the well-heeled.

Vote for change, vote for common sense and vision, vote for a North-South LRT, vote for


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