Who is Ryan McGreal?

Will the man who gets near daily mention in the Spectator reveal from whence he hails?

I think it is important to know a little bit more about the one who is so frequently mentioned in the Spectator.  We know he created a website called “Raise the Hammer”.  In 2004 he wrote that “Raise the Hammer is a group of Hamilton, Ontario citizens…We are non-partisan and our members come from diverse political backgrounds. Our common interest is revitalizing our city, a goal that benefits everyone.”

Pardon me, Mr. McGreal, but spare me your altruism.  Please don’t revitalize my city for me.  I don’t know what you are trying to change it into, but I have a good guess.  If you are so keen on change, perhaps you can rewrite your “overview” statement as your stance on LRT is hardly non-partisan.

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