A Letter to Environmentalists

The following is a letter or parts of, that I have sent to more than one member of the voting public who are concerned about the environment

I am very happy to respond to your questions.  My campaign is centred on an environmental concern.  I am very concerned that the current Light Rapid Transit plan to run the train down the middle of King Street will cause traffic delay and increased engine idling time, while obliterating over 600 trees along the route.  It is galling that it was purported at one time as a green alternative.  We have to change it and change it right now.

What I propose is a North-South LRT that joins the James Street GO train station with the Hamilton airport via the CNR right-of-way to Victoria Avenue and Wellington Street (running the lines separately north and south respectively) joining again at the bottom of the Claremont Access where an inclined rail system will engage with the railcars to transport them up and down the escarpment.  The LRT can then run straight along Upper James past the HSR garage to the airport.  Southbound vehicular traffic can take the West 5th bypass and rejoin Upper James at Fennell where the street widens.  If it is feasible the LRT might take the bypass instead, and deliver Mohawk students directly to campus.  This is a route with wide enough streets to allow for trains, traffic, and trees.
The point is that a North-South run LRT will allow us to stop running the buses up and down the hill all day, burning up the atmosphere as they do.  In fact as you might be aware, an inclined rail utilizes gravity to greatly reduce energy input into the lifting of railcars up the hill.  Delivering people right to the GO station platform can only promote the use of rail commuting, which was the whole impetus for the LRT funding from the province in the first place.  Connecting to the airport is only logical.  All-in-all, a North-South LRT such as I envisage will be very environmentally friendly, while I argue that the current East-West proposal is not at all.

I imagine this news might be encouraging to you.  Please do visit the NorthSouthLRT.ca site and spread the word.  I am relying on the idea resonating with folks, and that a groundswell of common sense will overcome the blindness of our city council.

Vote Henry Geissler for mayor.

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